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About Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD, PhD

Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD, PhD is located at 2040 Ogden Ave #115 Aurora, 60504, US

Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD, PhD – Rush University Medical Center

My name is Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue and I am a general surgeon at RUSH Copley Medical Center. I think it is very important for patients to have access to a surgeon who can speak the same language they speak. I was born in Argentina and I came to the United States to study. I started my medical career here, and part of my job now at RUSH Copley is to help patients have the best surgical care possible. I know that many times patients have referrals and primary care physicians, but sometimes they don’t, in which case if they have a surgical question, they can come see me to assess whether surgery can contribute to or help their life. It is very important to trust the surgeon and I hope that, by speaking your same language, I am able to help you with that. If you are being seen by another surgeon or if you have a question about advice given to you, you can also come to our team for a second opinion. I specialize in general surgery, abdominal surgeries — like the gallbladder, the appendix, the colon — and also hernia and anti-reflux surgeries.

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